Monday, November 10, 2008

Well it has been a long time and lots has happened.  I am currently in West Valley hangin' with the fam.  Today is my big sis Lisa's Birthday.  Happy Birthday Lisa.  The other day we were carving pumpkins okay it was over a week ago but at any rate one of the pumpkins was tall and skinny.  It reminded me of one year when we were young and we all got to do our own pumpkin a couple nights before halloween my pumpkin got smashed.  I was devastated.  Despite her love for her pumpkin Lisa gave me hers so that I had one. It was tall and skinny and everytime I see one Like that.  I think of Lisa and how loving she always is.  She was always willing to pick up the pieces and sacrifice for someone else.  She still is that way.  Happy Birthday!