Friday, September 19, 2008

Being Good...for Minn

Warning: May contain sensitive medical information
Well Marintha is always getting on me for my lack of blogging. I am fully aware that it has become a rare thing for me but in my defense I have not been well. I have had quite a rough time with this pregnancy. Marintha keeps telling me that I should be glad it is not half-vampire (see Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer). However if it were I would already have had the baby. But yes I am glad that itis not half-vampire, I am also glad that I still have a few months to prepare for the new additions arrival. I have had a hard time keeping anything down which is not only frustrating and gross, but tiring and stressful. But I am now fourteen weeks and had 8 successful meals in a row a new record. I feel pretty good. The one day I was feeling sick and I told Mikey I needed to sit for a minute to let my tummy settle so that I didn't vomit. He said why don't you just go throw up and then play with me. I told him that I didn't like throwing up. He asked me Why I didn't like it anymore. I guess he thought that because I did it so often I must enjoy it. Poor thing he has been so good and he has been so patient with me.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My 3 year old is way too funny

So lately Mikey has just seemed so funny to me. The other night at dinner he was having some juice and as often happens with children he got a juice mustache. His dad informed him of this. Mikey started talking about it and how it is a stain which he informed us is why he doesn't call it a mustache he calls it a musstain. We laughed so hard. Then the other day we saw a rabbit in the garden so this started an obsession with rabbits. He is always playing Peter Rabbit. Well a couple nights ago he had been playing Peter Rabbit and jumping all over Mike and then all the sudden he got really serious and asked his dad if Rabbits could talk. His dad told him no that only Bugs Bunny and the Easter Bunny can talk. This got Mikey laughing and then he informed his dad that the Easter Bunny is not real he is only a "human in a pretend bunny costume". That's right the gig is up. My 3 year old doesn't believe in the Easter Bunny. Kinda sad. I guess we never should have taken him to meet the Easter Bunny at the Remmington. He has also been checking out reference books at the library. Last Wednesday I asked him if he wanted to get some story books he told me "no, just the good ones" and walked to the reference section. So much like his dad. Although yesterday he checked out some stories so I guess he is still my little boy for awhile longer.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some excitement

Well I was going to wait to post until I figured the whole picture thing out but I figured I should post now and add pictures later.

Well Friday my neighbor invited us over for dinner because Mike was out of town and I have not been feeling so hot. For those of you who do not know I am eleven weeks pregnant. YAY!!! The "morning sickness" has kind of taken over our lives for a bit but we are hoping this will pass. Anyhow back to the story. So we had been at the neighbors and we were coming home to get Mikey and yes I'll admit it mom to bed. I let him play outside for a bit and then as we came around the corner of the house I could see smoke across the street. This isn't that alarming as there is a campground down the hill from us. But the strange thing was I could smell and hear fire. Now I know pregnancy does some crazy things to the senses but this just seemed to strong so I went to check it out and sure enough the hill/field across the street was on fire. I ran in and called 911 and before I was off the phone they were there. The fire was not big and they put it out quickly. I went to see if they wanted to use my hose but they were done before I thought of it. Not that my dinky garden hose would do much but I was trying to do my part. Mikey wanted to Thank them for being savers. So I asked if he could come thank them they said yes. He came over and thanked and shook there hands. They did him one better they let him play Jr. Fireman. they put a helmet on him and let him spray the hose they let him climb into the fire truck and told him about the equipment and stuff. Then as they drove off they waved and turned the siren on for him. He was so proud. He wanted to tell Daddy right away but couldn't so then He decided to tell Linda (our neighbor) and then he had to tell Grandma so despite the fact it was already past bedtime I decided to let him go tell Grandma and Grandpa. Although truth be told I don't know who was more excited Mikey or me. (Just so you know we live in a small town and the firetruck was not a big red engine but a normal truck converted to carry water and be used in emergencies if I had the picture thing figured out you would see what I mean.) Thank Cardston County Emergency Services for going beyond the call of duty and making some fun memories for Mikey and I.