Monday, March 18, 2013

Old Pics

Found these old pictures and they were SOOOO cute that I just had to post them. Enjoy!!!!

Turning wolves into Blessings

Lately Lindsey has been terrified of having Wolves and Werewolves under her bed.  We tried several different things such as Checking under her bed (repeatedly, several times a day) and talking to her.  It was getting worse and worse so I prayed.  I felt better but still didn't know what to do.  I asked Lindsey what we could do.  She decided she needed a spider's web to keep the wolf out.  I went and got a piece of tulle from my sewing and we hung it up.  That night she still tossed and turned and called out for us.  It has been about a week since she had slept soundly.  Then I had an idea I asked her if it would help if we put up a keep out sign.  She decided it would so yesterday Mikey crafted her a sign.  Last night when I put her to bed we prayed that she would feel safe (other nights we prayed that there would be no wolves.)  She slept soundly through the night.  I am so grateful to my loving Heavenly Father, whom is continuously aware of us and what we are going through.  That he loves us enough to get rid of imaginary wolves plaguing our dreams.  I am so grateful for all the love he gives us.  For his comfort and peace.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Life has been so busy. It seems to get busier as we go. Tuesday Aaron had another appt. with his specialist. His whole is shrinking but his body is tolerating it which means that it is a good thing and that hopefully he will keep healing and the dr. thinks it may close on its own and that he will do fine. The valve hasn't changed. He told us that unless something happens we don't have to go back for 6 months. How can anyone deny the existance of a loving Heavenly Father, and how do the get through life without him? Aaron will probably have to go back to a feding specialist to help him lern to eat solids but I suppose we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Aaron is 3 months

I never expected to have thumb sucking be a victory.
We blessed Aaron at the first of the month

Well it has been over a month since I last posted. Life is crazy busy which is why this post took me a month to write. Last Tuesday Aaron turned 3 months. He is now 13 pounds even. He has been gaining weight better (He has had a couple bad weeks but he has been sick). Who thought that when he was over 9 lbs. at birth that we would worry about his weight. He makes eye contact smiles and laughs. He is such a joy. He is such a calm happy baby. He gets stronger everyday. Aaron has kept us on our toes for certain. They say that with each child a mother gets a new degree in parenting I feel like with Aaron I am getting a new education weekly (not so much a degree because I also feel like I am failing). It amazes me how much love and worry a mother can have. This little man makes me reflect on how my own mother must have felt. Sunday morning and Monday morning Aaron had a feed without "clicking" (his click is caused by loosing suction). Usually he clicks about as often as he swallows. He had never even had a feed without clicking so things are looking up. Since I had Aaron, well really since I got pregnant I have had some fear some sometimes overwhelming anxiety about him. I would keep trying to tell myself that it was hormones or what not but the fear wouldn't leave it was like this dark shadow always there. Wednesday I found out what it was. We had a specialist appointment in Calgary. His Dr. found a whole in his heart this causes an increased blood flow to through right side of his heart . Because of the increased flow and the fact that it has to work harder the right side is slightly larger. He also has a "click" due to the fact that the pulmonary valve exiting his heart doesn't open all the way. (I think I will call him Clicky from now on.) The valve has created balance for his heart as it controls or restricts the excess blood flow from the whole. So his body has created its own " delicate balance". Oh how my Heavenly Father loves us. The whole he has is the kind less likely to close on his own, but because of the valve this is also a blessing. So Aaron is OK. I asked the doctor "so he's fine?" and he said "so he's OK". We will take him to the specialist every 3 months and keep on eye on things but he is OK.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Well I had been bragging to my sister about how well I was doing blogging and then I fell off teh face of the earth. Where have I been? I have actually just been at home. what could have kept me away? Well on top of being a mother of three (one of which is a new born) having a hubby and a house to care for, and a calling- I have been trying to get Aaron to grow. I mentioned before that he isn't growing well. We have been supplementing with formula since he was two weeks old. We were doing 2 ounces twice a day but have now gone to giving him as much as he wants after nursing. It was taking me atleast an hour to feed him every time and I am supposed to be pumping after each feed but I have given up on that and Aaron is giving up on nursing. I hope to keep him nursing until atleast 3 months. I pump about twicw a day and feed him that. Aaron has an uncordinated suck. We are trying to help him get coordinated but with all the distractions of older siblings it is hard for him. It makes such a difference at night. Then because of all that my house feels like chaos. I think today is the first time I have been caught up on laundry in weeks. I also made bread this morning. I will still have to go buy buns for Thanksgiving becaus I burnt a batch. I may just take some of the loaves and tell them to enjoy. Who knows. My mother used to have a shirt that said "motherhood is not for wimps." Boy do I feel that lately. We have been taking Aaron to about 2 or 3 appointments a week and trying to keep up with life and having a first grader. The baby blues are starting to affect me. I think 6 weeks is the hardest and then it starts getting better. Aaron turned 6 weeks monday so we are on the uphill climb now. Thankfully.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Aaron

Aaron is a month old today. I can't beleive how quickly the time goes.
He weighs about 9' 11". No he is not that much bigger then his birthweight. We are working on it. If any of you have suggestions we would appreciate it. Your prayers are always welcomed.
He is about 21 1/2 inches long. Atleast he is growing.
He seems to be well and healthy but his weight is a concern.
He is much more smile and he makes eye contact better.
He hates tummy time, and LOVES to be held.
This is Aaron just a few minutes ago.

This is a few days ago.

Lindsey adores me. (she is way too pretty)

Me and big bro at about 2 weeksish.

New born Aaron.

How to be a princess...Fashion advice from Lindsey Grace

Dresses go with everything!
(Note: that while shoes are fun they are not a necessity)

Shoes need not be the proper size to make a statement.

Brothers are a great accesory.

Two skirts are better then one.

Orange is always in fashion.

If your shirt doesn't have sleeves wear a "dacket".

Crowns dress up any outfit.

When you are a princess you don't have to match.

Whatever foot I put the shoe on is the correct foot. (So don't even think about trying to change it.)
If mom thinks my sleeves are too short I get to wear two shirts.

Goggles really make a statement and should only be worn with great care.

-Girls are fun. I love her little sense of fashion.