Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Aaron

Aaron is a month old today. I can't beleive how quickly the time goes.
He weighs about 9' 11". No he is not that much bigger then his birthweight. We are working on it. If any of you have suggestions we would appreciate it. Your prayers are always welcomed.
He is about 21 1/2 inches long. Atleast he is growing.
He seems to be well and healthy but his weight is a concern.
He is much more smile and he makes eye contact better.
He hates tummy time, and LOVES to be held.
This is Aaron just a few minutes ago.

This is a few days ago.

Lindsey adores me. (she is way too pretty)

Me and big bro at about 2 weeksish.

New born Aaron.

How to be a princess...Fashion advice from Lindsey Grace

Dresses go with everything!
(Note: that while shoes are fun they are not a necessity)

Shoes need not be the proper size to make a statement.

Brothers are a great accesory.

Two skirts are better then one.

Orange is always in fashion.

If your shirt doesn't have sleeves wear a "dacket".

Crowns dress up any outfit.

When you are a princess you don't have to match.

Whatever foot I put the shoe on is the correct foot. (So don't even think about trying to change it.)
If mom thinks my sleeves are too short I get to wear two shirts.

Goggles really make a statement and should only be worn with great care.

-Girls are fun. I love her little sense of fashion.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe....

Rodeo Mikey

Silly Lindsey

The other night Mikey was getting ready to go down to bed and thankfully Lindsey was already in bed asleep. Aaron was fed and content so Mikey had the rare opportunity to pick who went down with him. He decided to make it fair and do eeny meeny miny moe so that noones feelings got hurt. So he does it " My mother says to pick the very best one and you are not it." He lands on me. So Dad gets to put Mikey to bed. I pretended to have my feelings hurt and Mikey comes over and whispers to me. "I'll do it again and start with Dad this time so that it is you". So he does it again. Again he lands on me. He did it probably 5 more times taking turns starting with me and then Mike each time he would land on me. It was so funny. I told Mikey that it was because his Dad would always be the best one. It was such a silly thing but one of those moments you wish you could hang on to forever. My kids are growing up way too fast. Where does the time

Friday, September 16, 2011

This Little Piggy

Lindsey loves getting her nails painted. We have been planning to paint her nails for a few days and today we finally did it. Then she wanted to paint my nails. Really not a good idea but somedays you need to not worry about the potential mess and just enjoy the moment. So hare is our handy work. Our lovely toe nails. She actually did a decent job for a 2 year old. However I will still be wearing close toed shoes tonight when Mike's foreman takes us to The Great Canadian Barn Dance.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby names...

I thought it would be fun to share how my kids got their names but first I will tell the names I thought my kids would have. When I was young I had an imaginary friend named Sheena and thought I would name my daughter after her. I also went through a phase of loving names like Candace. In Jr. High I thought I would name a son Benjamin Allen after my grandpa and my father. Lisa beat me to the punch on Ben. I would have named a daughter Angela Lyn. In high school I loved the name Charles Jeffrie for a girl. I figured this would never happen so I named my chicken this instead. If I evr own a tarantula I will name it Chex Mix. I hope I never use this name either. I love the name Ramona but Mike (and 98% of the world) hates it. Lindsey could have been Abigail or Katelyn (after me) but she was a Lindsey. Aaron could have been named Bauer but it just wasn't his name either. (Don't try to make sense of the pictures they were just ones I like of my crazies.

Michael James from the moment he was conceived this was his name. If he was a boy and I was sure he was We would name him Michael after his father. (His dad was named for Mike Remmington one of his dads good friends) and James for all the amazing James' in our families. On one or the other of our sides there is a James going back 12 or 14 generations. Both of us have a brother his father is a James and my grandfather is a James. It was just the perfect fit.

Lindsey Grace. As soon as I met Mike's Grandma Grace I wanted to name one of my daughters after her. She is an amzing women. When Mike blessed her he told her to always remember who she was named for not only Grandma Grace but the Grace of God. Lindsey was never even a thought until after she was born. The doctor asked if we had a name and Mike said he had kinda been thinking Lindsey, that night I tried out our different options and Lindsey just fit. She was a Lindsey, Lindsey Grace.

Our sweet little Aaron Luke. We came up with Luke before we had Aaron. Luke is his grandfather's middle name and is also a family name. We tossed around some other names and none of them seemed right then Mike suggested either Aaron or Ammon. I heard Aaron and it just felt right. He is Aaron after the Aaronich Priesthood more so then Aaron the brother of Moses whom the Aaronich priesthood is named for but I still say Aaron from the bible when people ask to simplify it. But Mike thought of it because of the Priesthood.

So there you have it. That is how my babies came to have the names they have. And now hopefully you get how amazing there names are.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mikey Review

Waterton. This boy loves sticks. He is always bringing them in the house. Just tonight he went to the park with a friend and came home with a stick in his mouth.It is fun to hear and see all the things sticks can be. Usually some form of a weapon. Are all boys like this? I LOVE his smile!

Hairy black tongue. This is later in the day when it had mostly cleared up. Should have taken one that morning it was gross. Just google it and you'll see what we saw.

Long ride back from grandmas and easter eggs filled with stickers. He is so silly. Of course then Lindsey had to do the same thing. She adores him almost as much as I do! She cries everyday when he goes to school. I miss my Mikey! (so do I little Lady, so do I.)

Mikey's sixth birthday. It wasn't a party or it wasn't supposed to be but that is pretty much what it was. His best friends Matt and Max. Those three have such fun together.

Not sure about this face? This is in June at the Dinosaur museum I think in Ogden. It was lots of fun. He loved talking Dinosaurs with his cousins. I loved that they thought him to be an expert. I guess he is kinda is.

They grow up way too fast...

Lindsey review

Lindsey loves to smell flowers.(And she looks so dang cute doing it.)

One day I had been cleaning I went to get Linds out of the bathroom, this is what I found. Her brushing her teeth. What a funny girl she is.

One day Mikey and "the neighbors" made a carnival for Lindsey filled with games, rides and prizes. It is no wonder she misses them so much. They moved the first week of June and she still asks for them.

Sorry I forgot to flip this. I just thought it was cute she is sitting on a ball eating an apple. Cute!!!

Lindsey wearing some of Mikey's Halloween teeth. Notice the awful job I did cutting her bangs!