Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lindsey Grace Blackmore

Thank you Minn for posting for me. We named her Lindsey Grace Blackmore. We are enjoying all the fun of a newborn. We are both well . Here are some pics. If you have any questions just ask. There are none from the hospital yet. They are on Grandma Blackmore's camera but I will post them when I get them.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

She is here!

This is Marintha (Krista's sister) posting the news for her, since she is in the hospital! Hopefully I say what she wants, but she can change it later!
They haven't decided which name they want yet, but she was born at 11:38 am! She weighs 7 lbs. and 14 oz.! She is 21 inches long!
Mom and baby ate doing well! I guess Krista did it all with out an epidural! She rocks! I will let her put more information on that later, but I just wanted to let all her friends and readers know she had the baby! I am so excited, and can't wait to see her!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

memory lane

I was on the phone yesterday with my mom and she reminded me of a fun memory. I think it was in grade 8 (Joni you will have to let me know if this is correct.) It was the third day of school and my dear friend Joni gave me a Haribo Frog. She told me to keep it forever. I told her I would. I still have it today. I had to put clear fingernail polish on it to "preserve" it. It now sleeps in an old ring box in my jewelry case. That was almost 11 years ago. While there are a lot of things I have sentimental attachment to that I don't save this is one I will probably have until I die and my kids through it out and shake their heads at their mother's insanity.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A little catch up and some pictures.

Well I have been trying to get cameras ready for baby's arrival. I decided I would try to put the pictures on for myself. This has been quite an adventure. But I now have some pictures on the computer. I will post some for you. I will also try to go back and add ppictures to other posts but I am not sure how this will work. So wish me luck. This is Mikey and Kelsie skating and playing hockey on Family day. Every year we rent the town rink and skate. It is a lot of fun. The next one is Mike teaching Mikey to skate the week before family day. I am so glad that Mike is so patient. He is a great teacher. (edit: I have no idea what I am doing with the pictuires so if anyone has advice let me know. Also as I'm sure you you can tell the first one is My boys and the second is of Mikey and Kelsie.) A clarification Mikey's skates are the two blade bob skates and not traditional skates.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A little catch up

Well I am not sure where to start. There is only about two weeks left to my due date. Although I am hoping we don't have to wait that long to meet Abigail (Abby)/ Katelyn(Kate)/ Sarah. I feel so anxious to not be pregnant and to meet her and to see Mike and Mikey with her. Mikey is growing up so fast. He has learned to write Mikey and mom and is learning other letters as well. He tries very hard to write dad but he usually gets the d's turned one way or another. He is drawing ALL the time and I am not allowed to throw out artwork (with his knowledge). But I will guilty admit that I do throw out some. I just have a hard time with it sitting around. But I keep the really special ones. He is SO excited to be a big brother. I put the bassinet in our room and he was not happy so when he got his smaller bed (he was on a queen). Mike moved the bassinet in there. We talked to him about being careful and not touching it and only rocking it very gently if he had permission. The next day he asked me if he could put bush baby in there and practice rocking gently for his sister. It was so SWEET! He will be a great big brother (knock on wood).
On another note Friday to Saturday Mike went camping with scouts and got frostbite on his ear. He refused to go get a dr. to look at it and so far it seems okay. I hope his ear doesn't fall off. Okay I am sure it won't but that hasn't kept me from having crazy pregnancy dreams about it.