Monday, October 20, 2008

Quarter to Foshen

This is Mikey a few months ago when he was first riding his Bike.
I should have posted about this a long time ago, but we all know I am a terrible blogger. But here it is now. His favorit thing to do was/is ride to Grandma's. He had all sorts of funny commentary. "And He's off" "Mikey takes the lead" "He's the fastest guy racing ever." but my favorite was "Quarter to Foshen" This is a made up word that means change the direction you are pedaling to either stop or start going again. He would also pretend the nut and screw that help on the handles was a screen that would tell him stuff such as "quarter to foshen.


Well we have been back from Florida for over a week now, so I figure it is about time that I post again. Florida was a lot of fun. Mike was so relaxed and fun. Mikey was as cute as ever. I have so many funny quotes from when we were on the vaca.
My top four are:
#1: Shortly after crossing the border into Montana Mikey informed us that he had to go pee. Mike told him he would need to hold it and we would find a bathroom as quickly as possible. Mikey then replied "That's okay I like to pee in the grass." I laughed so hard. Yep that's my son.
#2: We were headed to St. Pete's beach (amazing by the way) and Mikey said "Mom, do you have any bacon." Of course I didn't and I told him this "well, I really want some." Driving down the road and a bacon craving hits. More and More I am convinced that he really is deep down ALL BOY!
#3: Later that day as we were headed home he had to go #2 and told us we were on the freeway and it was packed. (it just happened to be game 1 of the Tampa Bay Rays playoffs) Mike told Mikey he would try to hurry but that he needed to hold it. A few minutes later from the backseat we her "Oh man oh man oh man." But he held it.
#4: When we were at Magic Kingdom Mikey got a hot dog for dinner. He is a very slow eater sometimes and Mike was wanting to hurry so he was helping him eat his hot dog. Mike dipped his hot dog in ketchup and Mikey said "That's correct." It was so funny. Mikey LOVES ketchup.

Hopefully these were as funny to you the reader as they were to me. We had so much fun. We went to Sea World and their new waterpark Aquatica. The Beach several times. We went to Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Epcot. We did some shopping. We went to Kennedy Space Center and did some swimming at the condo. We had a wonderful time and I survived Vacation pregnant. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be either. The hardest part is the onion thing.
(I thought we had pictures already on the computer but we don't, but they will eventually make it.)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

been a long time

Well I will start with a tag my sister tagged me with.
7 Random things about me
1. We had a pet wolf spider growing up. My dad would catch crickets remove their legs and we would watchie wolfie eat.
2. I love foreign films. I think came from my time in Taiwan.
3. I have a perfectly round scar on the top of my bottom from when I was little and had chicken pox.
4. I am TERRIFIED of needles. I hate them. I cry whenever I am alone and have to get them. For some reason I can act tough when Mikey is around. I do not want him to be afraid also.
5. I collect how to say "I Love You" in foreign languages. I used to be able to say it from memory in over fifty but haven't practiced and can probably only say ten or so.
6. When I wear strappy sandals it looks like I only have four toes on each foot because my baby toe is much shorter then the rest. When I worled at Discover there was a rumor going around that I only had four toes on each foot.
7. I will try eating just about anything once. I even ate a potato bug on a dare once.