Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Aaron is 3 months

I never expected to have thumb sucking be a victory.
We blessed Aaron at the first of the month

Well it has been over a month since I last posted. Life is crazy busy which is why this post took me a month to write. Last Tuesday Aaron turned 3 months. He is now 13 pounds even. He has been gaining weight better (He has had a couple bad weeks but he has been sick). Who thought that when he was over 9 lbs. at birth that we would worry about his weight. He makes eye contact smiles and laughs. He is such a joy. He is such a calm happy baby. He gets stronger everyday. Aaron has kept us on our toes for certain. They say that with each child a mother gets a new degree in parenting I feel like with Aaron I am getting a new education weekly (not so much a degree because I also feel like I am failing). It amazes me how much love and worry a mother can have. This little man makes me reflect on how my own mother must have felt. Sunday morning and Monday morning Aaron had a feed without "clicking" (his click is caused by loosing suction). Usually he clicks about as often as he swallows. He had never even had a feed without clicking so things are looking up. Since I had Aaron, well really since I got pregnant I have had some fear some sometimes overwhelming anxiety about him. I would keep trying to tell myself that it was hormones or what not but the fear wouldn't leave it was like this dark shadow always there. Wednesday I found out what it was. We had a specialist appointment in Calgary. His Dr. found a whole in his heart this causes an increased blood flow to through right side of his heart . Because of the increased flow and the fact that it has to work harder the right side is slightly larger. He also has a "click" due to the fact that the pulmonary valve exiting his heart doesn't open all the way. (I think I will call him Clicky from now on.) The valve has created balance for his heart as it controls or restricts the excess blood flow from the whole. So his body has created its own " delicate balance". Oh how my Heavenly Father loves us. The whole he has is the kind less likely to close on his own, but because of the valve this is also a blessing. So Aaron is OK. I asked the doctor "so he's fine?" and he said "so he's OK". We will take him to the specialist every 3 months and keep on eye on things but he is OK.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Well I had been bragging to my sister about how well I was doing blogging and then I fell off teh face of the earth. Where have I been? I have actually just been at home. what could have kept me away? Well on top of being a mother of three (one of which is a new born) having a hubby and a house to care for, and a calling- I have been trying to get Aaron to grow. I mentioned before that he isn't growing well. We have been supplementing with formula since he was two weeks old. We were doing 2 ounces twice a day but have now gone to giving him as much as he wants after nursing. It was taking me atleast an hour to feed him every time and I am supposed to be pumping after each feed but I have given up on that and Aaron is giving up on nursing. I hope to keep him nursing until atleast 3 months. I pump about twicw a day and feed him that. Aaron has an uncordinated suck. We are trying to help him get coordinated but with all the distractions of older siblings it is hard for him. It makes such a difference at night. Then because of all that my house feels like chaos. I think today is the first time I have been caught up on laundry in weeks. I also made bread this morning. I will still have to go buy buns for Thanksgiving becaus I burnt a batch. I may just take some of the loaves and tell them to enjoy. Who knows. My mother used to have a shirt that said "motherhood is not for wimps." Boy do I feel that lately. We have been taking Aaron to about 2 or 3 appointments a week and trying to keep up with life and having a first grader. The baby blues are starting to affect me. I think 6 weeks is the hardest and then it starts getting better. Aaron turned 6 weeks monday so we are on the uphill climb now. Thankfully.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Aaron

Aaron is a month old today. I can't beleive how quickly the time goes.
He weighs about 9' 11". No he is not that much bigger then his birthweight. We are working on it. If any of you have suggestions we would appreciate it. Your prayers are always welcomed.
He is about 21 1/2 inches long. Atleast he is growing.
He seems to be well and healthy but his weight is a concern.
He is much more smile and he makes eye contact better.
He hates tummy time, and LOVES to be held.
This is Aaron just a few minutes ago.

This is a few days ago.

Lindsey adores me. (she is way too pretty)

Me and big bro at about 2 weeksish.

New born Aaron.

How to be a princess...Fashion advice from Lindsey Grace

Dresses go with everything!
(Note: that while shoes are fun they are not a necessity)

Shoes need not be the proper size to make a statement.

Brothers are a great accesory.

Two skirts are better then one.

Orange is always in fashion.

If your shirt doesn't have sleeves wear a "dacket".

Crowns dress up any outfit.

When you are a princess you don't have to match.

Whatever foot I put the shoe on is the correct foot. (So don't even think about trying to change it.)
If mom thinks my sleeves are too short I get to wear two shirts.

Goggles really make a statement and should only be worn with great care.

-Girls are fun. I love her little sense of fashion.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe....

Rodeo Mikey

Silly Lindsey

The other night Mikey was getting ready to go down to bed and thankfully Lindsey was already in bed asleep. Aaron was fed and content so Mikey had the rare opportunity to pick who went down with him. He decided to make it fair and do eeny meeny miny moe so that noones feelings got hurt. So he does it " My mother says to pick the very best one and you are not it." He lands on me. So Dad gets to put Mikey to bed. I pretended to have my feelings hurt and Mikey comes over and whispers to me. "I'll do it again and start with Dad this time so that it is you". So he does it again. Again he lands on me. He did it probably 5 more times taking turns starting with me and then Mike each time he would land on me. It was so funny. I told Mikey that it was because his Dad would always be the best one. It was such a silly thing but one of those moments you wish you could hang on to forever. My kids are growing up way too fast. Where does the time

Friday, September 16, 2011

This Little Piggy

Lindsey loves getting her nails painted. We have been planning to paint her nails for a few days and today we finally did it. Then she wanted to paint my nails. Really not a good idea but somedays you need to not worry about the potential mess and just enjoy the moment. So hare is our handy work. Our lovely toe nails. She actually did a decent job for a 2 year old. However I will still be wearing close toed shoes tonight when Mike's foreman takes us to The Great Canadian Barn Dance.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby names...

I thought it would be fun to share how my kids got their names but first I will tell the names I thought my kids would have. When I was young I had an imaginary friend named Sheena and thought I would name my daughter after her. I also went through a phase of loving names like Candace. In Jr. High I thought I would name a son Benjamin Allen after my grandpa and my father. Lisa beat me to the punch on Ben. I would have named a daughter Angela Lyn. In high school I loved the name Charles Jeffrie for a girl. I figured this would never happen so I named my chicken this instead. If I evr own a tarantula I will name it Chex Mix. I hope I never use this name either. I love the name Ramona but Mike (and 98% of the world) hates it. Lindsey could have been Abigail or Katelyn (after me) but she was a Lindsey. Aaron could have been named Bauer but it just wasn't his name either. (Don't try to make sense of the pictures they were just ones I like of my crazies.

Michael James from the moment he was conceived this was his name. If he was a boy and I was sure he was We would name him Michael after his father. (His dad was named for Mike Remmington one of his dads good friends) and James for all the amazing James' in our families. On one or the other of our sides there is a James going back 12 or 14 generations. Both of us have a brother his father is a James and my grandfather is a James. It was just the perfect fit.

Lindsey Grace. As soon as I met Mike's Grandma Grace I wanted to name one of my daughters after her. She is an amzing women. When Mike blessed her he told her to always remember who she was named for not only Grandma Grace but the Grace of God. Lindsey was never even a thought until after she was born. The doctor asked if we had a name and Mike said he had kinda been thinking Lindsey, that night I tried out our different options and Lindsey just fit. She was a Lindsey, Lindsey Grace.

Our sweet little Aaron Luke. We came up with Luke before we had Aaron. Luke is his grandfather's middle name and is also a family name. We tossed around some other names and none of them seemed right then Mike suggested either Aaron or Ammon. I heard Aaron and it just felt right. He is Aaron after the Aaronich Priesthood more so then Aaron the brother of Moses whom the Aaronich priesthood is named for but I still say Aaron from the bible when people ask to simplify it. But Mike thought of it because of the Priesthood.

So there you have it. That is how my babies came to have the names they have. And now hopefully you get how amazing there names are.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mikey Review

Waterton. This boy loves sticks. He is always bringing them in the house. Just tonight he went to the park with a friend and came home with a stick in his mouth.It is fun to hear and see all the things sticks can be. Usually some form of a weapon. Are all boys like this? I LOVE his smile!

Hairy black tongue. This is later in the day when it had mostly cleared up. Should have taken one that morning it was gross. Just google it and you'll see what we saw.

Long ride back from grandmas and easter eggs filled with stickers. He is so silly. Of course then Lindsey had to do the same thing. She adores him almost as much as I do! She cries everyday when he goes to school. I miss my Mikey! (so do I little Lady, so do I.)

Mikey's sixth birthday. It wasn't a party or it wasn't supposed to be but that is pretty much what it was. His best friends Matt and Max. Those three have such fun together.

Not sure about this face? This is in June at the Dinosaur museum I think in Ogden. It was lots of fun. He loved talking Dinosaurs with his cousins. I loved that they thought him to be an expert. I guess he is kinda is.

They grow up way too fast...

Lindsey review

Lindsey loves to smell flowers.(And she looks so dang cute doing it.)

One day I had been cleaning I went to get Linds out of the bathroom, this is what I found. Her brushing her teeth. What a funny girl she is.

One day Mikey and "the neighbors" made a carnival for Lindsey filled with games, rides and prizes. It is no wonder she misses them so much. They moved the first week of June and she still asks for them.

Sorry I forgot to flip this. I just thought it was cute she is sitting on a ball eating an apple. Cute!!!

Lindsey wearing some of Mikey's Halloween teeth. Notice the awful job I did cutting her bangs!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aaron Luke Blackmore

Alright this one is for Marintha. Here I am a few days before having the baby. I remember holding him and thinking how did he fit? Then I saw this. No wonder people thought I was expecting multiples.

This is on the way home. Mikey probably took 15 pictures of this. He is way too proud. (And who can blame him?)

All three of them together at last. It is a great feeling! I love Mikey's smile.

I love this picture but it makes me hurt to see all his bruises. Poor little guy had a rough entry.

Monday August 22,2011 Aaron Luke Blackmore entered the world weighing 9lbs 6.8oz. He was 20 and 3/4 inches long.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Two hospitals and two trips to Lethbridge in two days... still no baby

Well I really wish that I was blogging to introduce the world to our baby. However he is just as stubborn as his brother so that news will have to wait. I certainly thought I was going to have news of a baby because I was due on the 14th and wed. night at about 11 o'clock I started having contractions. I was timing them and they were fairly regular they were nothing extreme so I decided to try to get some sleep. I tossed and turned and at one when I was still having contractions and they were getting more intense I decided to call the hospital. For those of you who don't know the hospital I deliver in is an hour away. Not really the kind of thing you want to wait around for when having a baby. They listened to me describe my contractions and I answered all there questions about the previous babies and the told me to come in. I have had a lot of false labour with this baby so I decided to get checked at the hospital in town first at this point they are about 3 or 4 minutes apart if I remember correctly. So at about 2 A.M. we go in they lay may down and strap on the monitors. The baby is doing well my contractions are strong and regular and my cervix seems to be progressing. I am just over 1 cm or 1.5 cm. So I am still obviously in early labour but because of how quickly my others come the Doc tells me to head in and that I am having a baby that day which is now Thursday. So we head over to Mum in laws who had the kids for the night wake her up (and Lindsey in the process) and tell her we are on our way. Now I have to try and reassure Lindsey and deal with labour pains and the anxiety of getting to the hospital and having a baby. I am trying to stay calm. Lindsey settles down and we head off. I think it is about 4 when we get to Lethbridge and my contractions are stronger and about 2 min. apart but still not hard labour. I get all checked in they strap on the monitors and we wait then they check me I am about 2 or 2.5. Then they tell me that I am not in active labour and that I will probably have to go home and wait it out. They tell me to go walk around if I want or to wait and in 2 hours they will check again. With Mikey walking around is all it took and he came in a hurry. So I start walking around and things quickly slow down. GRRRR!!!! I decided to get some sleep and let Mike do the same. He heads to the van I head back to my room. They were going to check me at 7 but I was asleep so at 8 they check me no change. I am still having piddly little nothing contractions, but no baby. So they send us on our way. I had contractions through most of the day until about 8 at night. Oh it is so dis heartening. This morning I had my Dr.s appointment in Lethbridge so I headed back in again and returned once again empty handed. He better come soon or I may go crazy.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Still no baby!

Well I was really thinking, or maybe just hoping that at this point I would be announcing the arrival of a new baby at our house. My babies just like taking their time and I'm trying to be okay with that.I know that he will come at some point and I am fairly safe to say the next two weeks. Please don't make us wait that long. I am making bread today to help pass time. Tomorrow is church and then Monday will bring all the normal Monday cleaning so I can hopefully stay sane 'til then. Mikey has been awesome at keeping his new room clean and better at playing with his sister then I had expected. Lindsey loves her new bed and Tuesday we got her new bed set and put it on. She still tries to sleep in our bed every night but I guess most kids do. She woke up last night dreaming about riding horses at Uncle Dean's. It was cute but I wish it hadn't been at 3. She didn't go back to sleep until after 5. Mike hasn't been sleeping well either, I think he is just as anxious as me about the arrival of our third. He has also been snoring which is a good sign that their is something on his mind.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting Ready

Well it has been about a year since we started getting Mikey ready to go to the basement and today it is official. He is down stairs all by himself. He sleeps down here about half the time already so hopefully the excitement will last. He had me print him some Keep Out signs for his door . "so that people only come in if I want them, like Lindsey." Lindsey is officially in her "Big Girl" bed. Mike found a comforter set that he is excited to get her. He is so in love with his daughter. Aaron formerly known as "the boss" now has his own bed and a bassinet in our room and a dresser and hopefully by the end of the day the mountains of laundry I have been doing will be put away and we will truly feel ready for our new little man. It has been fun going through clothes and remember Mikey as a baby. It makes me feel more ready to do the new born thing again. It has only been two and a half years but I feel like a first time mom some days. Maybe that is because my brain and hearing are so shot lately. Lindsey and Mikey keep asking me if it is the day the baby comes. If only we knew for sure. Well we will keep you posted.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Well I keep telling myself I will blog and then I fail to do so. So here it is. (For now there are no pictures, sorry)
We have less then a month before the newest addition is due to arrive. I am SO ready to not be pregnant. I am a little less ready to bring this little one into the world and even less ready to be a mom of 3. I am so scared. I am also excited but I so ofteen feel like I am not up to the task of raising three special individual spirits. Mom, how did you do it. Mikey and Lindsey are also excited. My to do list is huge. Confession: I still haven't washed the baby clothes. But that is because we still don't have a dresser for the young man.
Mikey is getting so big. I can't beleive he'll be in grade one next month.:( Noone warned me about this part. He is so much fun to have around I can't imagine him being gone until 3:00 Thankfully Lindsey and I will have "the boss" (that is the babies nickname until he has a name) to keeep us both busy ,hopefully. Mikey took swimming lessons this summer or as Lindsey LU calls them his "swimming blessings". He loved it. He did such a good job. I thought he would be more timid but he wasn't he even went off the diving board without his life jacket. He is reading like a pro. It kills me. I just love being mom.
Lindsey is Hillarious she is always good for a chuckle she is getting sweeter and sweeter but still the master manipulator. Her new thing to say if she doesn't like something is "but mom (or whomever) I'll cry". This usually only works on Mikey but boy does it work on him he can't stand it. The poor sweet boy. You have to hear her say it it is so funny. Also if she has a tummy ache she wants a band aid on her tummy and then she becomes frustrated when it doesn't work. Lately I try to bet by with a kiss, which she sometimes will accept. She is also growing way too fast. She knows her colors, shapes, alphabet letter names and sounds, and she counts to 14. She can sing almost any song we have ever sang to her. Her brain is amazing. She is talking very well. (Too well if you ask her dad.) She loves to have her nails painted but is a scrappy little thing as well. Her dadddy is very proud of how scrappy she is.
For me the most exciting news is that when we went to Waterton on Saturday I stood about five feet from a moose. Lindsey was with me and thankfully we were also right next to a camp kitchhen which we quickly went into knowing better then to mess with a moose or even make feel threatened. He was beautiful. He was young but still huge (afterall it was a moose). I wish I had had a camera.
Mike is working hard as always. He is such a good man. He is so good with the kids and has been very good to help me with this pregnancy. I love him so much. I can't imagine our lives without him. Little Boss you have no idea how lucky you have it. We can't wait to see you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Mikey!!!!

I can hardly believe my little boy is six! I don't think I am allowed to call him little anymore! I can't believe how quickly they grow. It is killing me. The idea of sending him to first grade literally makes my heart ache. He is just such a joy to be around. He is sweet and funny. I honestly don't think there was ever a better big brother. He is SO good to Lindsey (most of the time.) It is hard to admit but he is more patient with her then I am. He is very willing to help her and put up with her when she gets into what he is doing. It was funny when she was a baby to involve her he would just call her a monster baby or pretend she was some other kind of a monster and make her part of the game. Now he goes and gets her toys to let her play with him. When he dresses up he dresses her up. The other day they formed a band called the black hawks and they wore black hats and sunglasses. It will be a memory I will cherish FOREVER. I can't believe how often we buy him new shoes because his old ones hurt his feet. (or because he has wholes through the end of them.) He is an amazing reader. He needs little help with the scriptures and in Canada reading is NOT kindergarten curriculum. He wants to read and he loves it so he practices every day. We do some sort of "homework" for a few minutes most days and when I tell him it is time he is usually excited. It is so fun to see him learn. He has recently started signing his work Mike not Mikey. Also recently we learned he has asthma. It isn't severe but I am glad we can help him now before it gets bad. Especially because he loves sports. He is playing soccer again and he loves it. I don't think he is naturally a super athlete he is athletic but I think the reason he is so good is his work ethic. He wants to jump well so he will practice setting up obstacles to learn to jump both high and far. He also practices trick jumps. I realize this is dragging on and few will make it through but this is for me more then anyone else. He is helpful around the house he is less willing now then when he was younger but he is still a good helper. I am so proud to be his mom. I love watching him.
Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Joke is on me!

Well we had our ultrasound on the twelth and gender appears to be male. We are so excited. The baby is measuring a bit small so I am probably due closer to the end of August!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's!!!

It's a boy!!!! Percival Q. Blackmore will be making his debut sometime mid August we can't wait. Mikey was hoping he'd be Jr. but Percival is so dignified. I guess Mikey can call him jr. though. Lindsey will probably just call him baby!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Get a Girlfriend...

So today I was sewing and Mikey came in to me and said, "It's really easy to get a girlfriend."

I was intrigued by this declaration from my five year old so I quizzed him, "yeah, why?"

"'Cuz all you have to do is sing a really nice song and if she likes it she's your girlfriend." Oh, yeah do you want a girlfriend?" Mikey laughs embarassed "Yes" so are you going to get one?" "No, I'm too young." Oh I love my kids. I asked him who he wanted to make his girlfriend, he didn't know. This is a good thing.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Little one inside me...

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we are expecting a new baby!!! The baby is due Aug 15ish. We are very excited. I will post more as details emerge!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lindsey is 2

I can't beleive it Lindsey Grace is 2 today. She is getting so big and so fun (most of the time)! She has such a big personality. She loves babies. (Let's hope those bodes well for the little one growing inside me.) She loves books. Read Please! Her favorite books are Hop on Pop and Oh Mr. Brown can Moo! She calls them Bwown and Hoppop. I love reading to her. She knows the sounds of almost the entire alphabet and learns new things everyday. She is really getting the hang of 2 and 3 word sentences. She adores her big brother and has him completely wrapped around her. She is finally sleeping through the night (mostly.) She loves music she LOVES to sing and tries to dance but she has her dads moves and my grace so while it is adorable not very technical. Sh elove sthe phone. I have no idea where she got that! So my little girl is 2 going on 20 and we just can't imagine our family without her, even when she is fully showing off just how 2 she is.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Post Old Pictures

This is last summer. My cute kids in front of the temple. Ahh, I just love these two.
This is Mikey and Lindsey last May after the Cardston Kids Marathon. I love that Mikey put his medal on Lindsey. He is SUCH a good big brother.

Last summer. Lindsey at Matt's Grandpa's farm. She LOVED the kitties. The hat is from Don and Colette.

Mikey at the farm. ( A little less sure sbout the cats then Lindsey)

This is one of the few I have of me so enjoy. (this was when I was still skinny.)
Well I figured I should probably put up somethin newish. My new pictures won't load so you will have to be satisfied with old ones!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long time....

I didn't even realize it had been so long. Minn I get why you bug me. I was going to post some pictures o Mikey reading to Lindsey in my bed, but my computer is frustrating. It was so sweet I had been getting housework done and went in to check on the kids. There they were on my bed reading together. Mikey loves reading and she loves being read to. He reads her Dr. Seuss because it is her favorite. I love my kids. Since those pictures didn't work here are some old ones that might.