Thursday, July 21, 2011


Well I keep telling myself I will blog and then I fail to do so. So here it is. (For now there are no pictures, sorry)
We have less then a month before the newest addition is due to arrive. I am SO ready to not be pregnant. I am a little less ready to bring this little one into the world and even less ready to be a mom of 3. I am so scared. I am also excited but I so ofteen feel like I am not up to the task of raising three special individual spirits. Mom, how did you do it. Mikey and Lindsey are also excited. My to do list is huge. Confession: I still haven't washed the baby clothes. But that is because we still don't have a dresser for the young man.
Mikey is getting so big. I can't beleive he'll be in grade one next month.:( Noone warned me about this part. He is so much fun to have around I can't imagine him being gone until 3:00 Thankfully Lindsey and I will have "the boss" (that is the babies nickname until he has a name) to keeep us both busy ,hopefully. Mikey took swimming lessons this summer or as Lindsey LU calls them his "swimming blessings". He loved it. He did such a good job. I thought he would be more timid but he wasn't he even went off the diving board without his life jacket. He is reading like a pro. It kills me. I just love being mom.
Lindsey is Hillarious she is always good for a chuckle she is getting sweeter and sweeter but still the master manipulator. Her new thing to say if she doesn't like something is "but mom (or whomever) I'll cry". This usually only works on Mikey but boy does it work on him he can't stand it. The poor sweet boy. You have to hear her say it it is so funny. Also if she has a tummy ache she wants a band aid on her tummy and then she becomes frustrated when it doesn't work. Lately I try to bet by with a kiss, which she sometimes will accept. She is also growing way too fast. She knows her colors, shapes, alphabet letter names and sounds, and she counts to 14. She can sing almost any song we have ever sang to her. Her brain is amazing. She is talking very well. (Too well if you ask her dad.) She loves to have her nails painted but is a scrappy little thing as well. Her dadddy is very proud of how scrappy she is.
For me the most exciting news is that when we went to Waterton on Saturday I stood about five feet from a moose. Lindsey was with me and thankfully we were also right next to a camp kitchhen which we quickly went into knowing better then to mess with a moose or even make feel threatened. He was beautiful. He was young but still huge (afterall it was a moose). I wish I had had a camera.
Mike is working hard as always. He is such a good man. He is so good with the kids and has been very good to help me with this pregnancy. I love him so much. I can't imagine our lives without him. Little Boss you have no idea how lucky you have it. We can't wait to see you.