Monday, April 27, 2009

Go FLAMES GO!!!!!!

Well I am such a slacker. There has been so much I have wanted to blog about but failed to. Mostly I have some pictures that I want to share. The Calgary Flames are in the first roiund of the Stanley Cup Playoffs right now against the Chicago Blackhawks. Last Wed. and Sat. Mike set up a hangout at Dave's drive-in to watch the game. Wed. we went as a family and as a fan felt the need to dress the fam appropriately. Sat. Mikey spent the night at Grandmas so it was just Mike, Lindsey and I. I made Lindsey a onesie to wear. It was fun on Wed. and Sat. it was nice to spend some time with Mike. Now I am a Flames fan through marriage but I feel I have done a fairly good job in this role my evidence is this.
#1- I picked where to go on our honeymoon based on where they were playing so that we could go to a game.
#2-A few years ago we went to a golf party and I won a hat and some balls. They were also giving a wear a flames hat signed by Robyn Regehr. The guy who won it was from Montana and had NO idea who he nor the Flames were I asked him to trade and he did. I feel this act was enough to put me in league with good hockey fan wives.
#3-In an effort to get my hubby a good b-day present I combined his two fav. past times golf and hockey and got him a golf Flames shirt. I long ago would have gotten him a hockey sweater(jersey) but this is something he would not appreciate as much from me as from someone he wasn't supporting financially.
Hope you enjoy the pics (coming soon I am in the process of loading them as I type)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am loving the warmer weather. Although the other night it snowed which put a damper on things but the snow is gone and the sun is once again shining. Mikey and I got a bunch of things done outside including hanging the laundry on the line. I LOVE SPRING. Oh what a glorious feeling!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Love this picture. Mikey loves holding Lindsey this way. It is so much fun to see them together.
My Aunt Di gave Mikey the shirt he is wearing it says "I'm the big brother" He would ask me to wash it almost as soon as it was off. He is so proud to be a big bro and takes good care of her. One night our neighbor Jeff (he's 17 or 18) came over to see her. Mikey was in bed when he left and he told me he hoped Jeff didn't take her home. I assured him he didn't but he was still a bit concerned. He is so funny.