Thursday, October 21, 2010

Minn is 30!!!

Well there won't be pictures today because my computer is having issues but I wanted to get on and tell everyone that today is Marintha's birthday. I am so lucky to have such an amazing big sis. She is also my BEST friend. I feel bad for her because she was the oldest and I feel like she always made decissions for us and not for her. She would usually let me borrow her awsome big sister clothes even though there were strict rules and regulations to follow. She would let me come play with her when she was in college and she spent many nights taking me to N.C. She is Amazing she can make almost anything, her house always looks incredible and she is writing a book. She recently discovered she has a whole in her heart I think it is because her heart is so big it couldn't grow as fast as she was trying to make it. When we were growing up she would always make cards and gifts for any one who needed it. She would hand draw them. She is so amazing at drawing I think she won every art contest she ever entered. She is incredible! She is always thinking of other people and puts herself on the back burnrer. Anyway Sis, Happy Birthday!!! I love you!!!