Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lindsey has something to say...

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Not much new

Spending time together
Linds just lookin cute
Mikey trying to be a "man"
Not much new and exciting is happening around here. I had taken some pictures on monday for FHE ehow missing in action. Mikey wanted to make treats and take them to neighbors so we made Valentine rice krispy treats. He decided that him and Lindsey needed to put on costumes to go they looked so cute as a Dinosaur and a bee. Mikey has been real into Dino's again lately and has worn his costume all over. Tuesday he and linds came with me to clean out the nursery cupboard. He of course had to wear the costume. Several people told me how cute he was walking to Peg's in it. (Peggy is also in the nursery and came to help and then Mikey went home with her for awhile.)

Time Capsule

Time Capsule---
Lindsey Grace Blackmore
- is 9 months old
- is walking/learning to walk
- has 4 teeth and a few stubborn ones coming
- still does not sleep through the night but is getting better
- says Mom, Dad, Hi and Buba
- likes the animal play set Mikey gave her for Christmas
- is starting to dance, clap and wave
- loves when dad comes home
- can brighten the world with her smile
- enjoys feeding herself
- can seem quite mischievous
-weighs about 17lbs.

Michael James Blackmore
- is 4 years old
- loves pre-school
- his teacher is Mrs. Baldwin
- wants to learn to ride a bike
- wants to learn to skate
- is a big helper
- loves transformers
- is learning to read and very good for his age
-has the first Article of Faith memorized and working on the second
- weighs about 40 lbs.

Mom Krista Lyn Blackmore
- is 26 years old
- weighs 130ish
- stay at home mom
- 2 kids
- likes reading to my kids
- is the nursery leader
- learning to keep house

Dad Michael Douglas Blackmore
- is 27 years old
- works at Advantage oil and gas
- is 2nd counselor in YM presidency
- plays hockey
-Helping Mikey learn to ride a bike
- just started MB Contracting Services Ltd.
- Just bought the blue truck

Lindsey Then-2015
- will be 5 years old
- will be in kindergarten
- she might have hair
- probably still have a mischievous side
- enjoying primary
- learning new and exciting things

Mikey Then-2015
-will be 9 years old
- will be in grade 4
- will be baptized
-will be in cub scouts
- hopes to be playing Hockey
- still a big helper
- still be good to Lindsey
- might take piano

Mom Then-2015
-will be 31 years old
- which means have surpassed the big 3-0
- may have 1 or 2 more kids
- hope still at a healthy weight
- hope to have learned to play piano
- doing her chores
- have more grey and wrinkles

Dad Then-2015
- will be 32 years old
- still working hard
- still working at Advantage
- pooped
- all grey and old
-still wonderful
Currently in 2010
Stephen Harper is Prime Minister
Gas is $.90/liter
Milk is about $4.19/4 Litres
The us exchange rate is about $.97 on the dollar
Mike predicts that in 5 years China will rule the world.
Krista thinks that in five years things will be different but we will all still find happiness in living the gospel.