Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Bithday Lisa!!!

So I am aware that my blogging is terrible. I will try to get somethings done today!! But First Happy Birthday Lisa!!!! I hope your birthday was wonderful. I hope that it was all you could dream of. It probably wasn't because lets face it birthdays are usually boring when you are a mom. But this weekend will be great. Lisa you are so amazing if you weren't so could at making me feel good about myself you would make me feel like crap. I am pretty sure there is nothing you aren't able to do. You are such a good host you cook well and make food fun. and we don't even have to mention how wonderful you sew. Last year I wrote about my favorite memories and those haven't changed but now I can add the NKOTB concert. And when you came to visit. you have always benn so forgiving and thoughtful. I love you and Ihope you know that.