Thursday, January 15, 2009

Help for Minn

My sister Marintha posted this on her blog and I would like to help!
Hello everyone! I need your help. Cole's school class is working on maps and geography! His teacher sent home a note requesting that we try to help them in a Valentine's project. They are trying to see how many different states/ countries they can get a Valentine cards from. If you live in another state/ country, or know someone who does and would be willing to help out, here is the information!Please mail Valentine cards to:
Mrs. Jones 1st grade classWest Point Elementary
3788 W. 300 N.
West Point, Ut 84015
The cards need:
1- the name of the child it is being sent to (Cole Halladay)
2- the state or country it is coming from
3-(Optional) a return address

I have more to write but my buddy needs his mom.