Saturday, October 8, 2011


Well I had been bragging to my sister about how well I was doing blogging and then I fell off teh face of the earth. Where have I been? I have actually just been at home. what could have kept me away? Well on top of being a mother of three (one of which is a new born) having a hubby and a house to care for, and a calling- I have been trying to get Aaron to grow. I mentioned before that he isn't growing well. We have been supplementing with formula since he was two weeks old. We were doing 2 ounces twice a day but have now gone to giving him as much as he wants after nursing. It was taking me atleast an hour to feed him every time and I am supposed to be pumping after each feed but I have given up on that and Aaron is giving up on nursing. I hope to keep him nursing until atleast 3 months. I pump about twicw a day and feed him that. Aaron has an uncordinated suck. We are trying to help him get coordinated but with all the distractions of older siblings it is hard for him. It makes such a difference at night. Then because of all that my house feels like chaos. I think today is the first time I have been caught up on laundry in weeks. I also made bread this morning. I will still have to go buy buns for Thanksgiving becaus I burnt a batch. I may just take some of the loaves and tell them to enjoy. Who knows. My mother used to have a shirt that said "motherhood is not for wimps." Boy do I feel that lately. We have been taking Aaron to about 2 or 3 appointments a week and trying to keep up with life and having a first grader. The baby blues are starting to affect me. I think 6 weeks is the hardest and then it starts getting better. Aaron turned 6 weeks monday so we are on the uphill climb now. Thankfully.


Taylor Family said...

I'm so sorry Krista. I wish I could be there to help you out! Hang in there girl. I know you can do it.

Tawnya said...

That sounds so hard Krista. I am so sorry!