Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Aaron

Aaron is a month old today. I can't beleive how quickly the time goes.
He weighs about 9' 11". No he is not that much bigger then his birthweight. We are working on it. If any of you have suggestions we would appreciate it. Your prayers are always welcomed.
He is about 21 1/2 inches long. Atleast he is growing.
He seems to be well and healthy but his weight is a concern.
He is much more smile and he makes eye contact better.
He hates tummy time, and LOVES to be held.
This is Aaron just a few minutes ago.

This is a few days ago.

Lindsey adores me. (she is way too pretty)

Me and big bro at about 2 weeksish.

New born Aaron.


Rachel said...

What a cute boy. Wish i could give him a love.

Taylor Family said...

He's so precious. Sorry the weight is a concern. Have you tried supplementing him with formula? You could just be making skim milk. I've had that problem before. At least he's happy :)

Talisha said...

Don't worry I had troubles with my Jack's weight too but after his second month he grew like crazy! He is so adorable...all of your children are!!