Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to be a princess...Fashion advice from Lindsey Grace

Dresses go with everything!
(Note: that while shoes are fun they are not a necessity)

Shoes need not be the proper size to make a statement.

Brothers are a great accesory.

Two skirts are better then one.

Orange is always in fashion.

If your shirt doesn't have sleeves wear a "dacket".

Crowns dress up any outfit.

When you are a princess you don't have to match.

Whatever foot I put the shoe on is the correct foot. (So don't even think about trying to change it.)
If mom thinks my sleeves are too short I get to wear two shirts.

Goggles really make a statement and should only be worn with great care.

-Girls are fun. I love her little sense of fashion.


Tawnya said...

Ok, favorite post of all time, ever!!!!

Rachel said...

She is truly a princess. Love that girl. She is so fun, I sure miss her.

mh said...

She is such a doll! She melts my butter. Lucy is reading your blog with me, and telling me she "just really wants to see Lindsey. Right now!"